NEC and Hitachi Team Up... for Madness!

The two companies are planning to release a new hard drive water cooler, but Associate Editor David Murphy is skeptical about the potential benefits.

Securely Delete Files in Linux

Protecting your your personal data is as easy as typing 'shred'.

Et tu, B&W?

B&W enters the iPod market: A sign of the Rapture, or of the Apocalypse?

Bloggers Are Journalists, Too

Or at least they will be, federally, if a new reporter shield law has its way.

From the Intern: Where is Everyone?

Life is dull for Butters, the humble Maximum PC intern. Both Will and Gordon are out this week, which leaves the office decidedly free of whip-cracking.

Contract Law Nudged Back Towards Actual Acceptance

A new Ninth Circuit decision says one party to a contract can't unilaterally modify the terms without telling the other party. Surprisingly, this wasn't clear before.

Hotfixes by Email - Just What the Windows Doctor Ordered

Hotfixes from the Microsoft Knowledge Base are now available by email, so solving PC problems is faster and easier than ever.