Daily News Brief: More Interesting than a $25K Cell Phone!

Ferrari and Nokia team up to sell a $25,000 cell phone, Excel 2007 trips over math, Commodore making another comeback, and more!

Part of Patriot Act Struck Down

The Patriot Act can't redefine permissible warrantless foreign intelligence surveillance, holds one Oregon Court.

Daily News Brief: Win a Date with a Nerd!

Teaser: Washington State University auctions off nerds, packaging scratching Halo 3 discs, Blu-ray recorder sees 1 terabyte, Vonage loses (again), and more!

Next-gen Media Center Extenders to use 802.11n

New media-streaming devices from D-Link, Linksys, and Niveus make some mighty big promises.

Daily News Brief: If You Can Read This, You're not Playing Halo 3!

Halo 3 sets pre-sale record, OpenOffice bug discovered, Amazon sells DRM-free music downloads, a $5 billion lawsuit, and more!

Google's in the XSS Crosshairs - and So Are You

Googling your way around the Internet? Watch out - cross site scripting (XSS) makes Google and other sites less safe than you think.

Daily News Brief: Apple Says, 'Hack Us? No, Hack You!'

Apple warns future update may permanently render iPhones inoperable, Microsoft takes an interest in Facebook, Intel cuts IT staff, and more!

A Halo of Alternatives

If you hate consoles, this list's for you: five PC games going up against the Xbox 360's juggernaut come 12:01 Tuesday morning.