Editor Blogs

Baffling User Interface Designs - Episode 1

Will Smith takes a quick look at the first of many questionable interface designs - Wordpress' page nav links

Demise of Yahoo Music to Kill the Sansa Connect?

You know that wireless media player you bought? Well, it won't be wireless for long.

Testing the Linksys DMA2200 Media Center Extender

We installed the Linksys DMA2200 in the media room at Maximum PC Lab North.

There's an Official Maximum PC Team Fortress 2 Server? You Betcha!

We've teamed up with PC Gamer and NuclearFallout to offer a dedicated Team Fortress 2 gaming environment, for your fragging pleasure!

Ed Word: The Maximum PC Promise to Readers

Will Smith sets the record straight on the crowbar separation between advertising and editorial content.

Two-wheelin' in the Fast Lane

Shock absorbers on a laptop bag. What'll they think of next?

CES Report: Storage!

A few companies preempt CES with new storage announcements... but not Samsung or Seagate! Here's what we saw!