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First Look: Sideshow + Asus's ScreenDuo

We've seen the nifty Microsoft Windows Vista demos where a separate screen on a notebook lets you run various software gadgets (even when the laptop's off) for a year, but we haven't seen any working product.

Nvidia Ships First DirectX 10 GPUs

DirectX 10 and you: How to survive the awesomeness that will come to be.

Introducing Extortion-Ware

Run into "popcorn.net" extortion-ware? Do yourself a favor and get rid of this malicious program.

New Slingboxes

Sling Media is now shipping several new models of their products that enable you to watch and control your TV or DVR anywhere you have web access and a PC or smartphone.

PhysX: Six Months Later

It's been six months since I first laid my hands on an Ageia PhysX card, for a review published in our July issue, and I still don't see any reason why Maximum PC readers should buy one.

The Problem with Gamer's Nostalgia

The Problem with Gamer's Nostaliga

Powerline Networking That Doesn't Suck?

Just why is Will giddy as a Japanese schoolgirl? Maybe he's been checking out some anime online with his new network device.

Apple Store iTunes DRM Protests

The truth about the Digital Rights Movement and media piracy.