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Head 2 Head: Two EVGA 780 Ti Cards Vs. One Radeon R9 295X2

Getting two graphics processing units (GPUs) on one video card is a time-honored tradition for enthusiast rigs. With this generation, AMD has gone with an integrated closed-loop liquid cooler (CLC) to keep its two R9 290X GPUs from getting crispy. Nvidia’s dual-GPU card has yet to make an entrance, but two 780 Ti’s linked together with SLI have roughly the same performance and price. If you’re prepared to spend about $1,500, these two options are natural competitors.


Fast Forward: Windows 8 Workarounds

My forced switch to Windows 8.1 broke some vital software that worked perfectly on Windows XP. Luckily, I’ve found workarounds—and they might save your software, too.


Editor's Note: Motherboard Memories

I can still remember the first ATX motherboard I bought in the 1990s. I had acquired a blazing-fast 166MHz Pentium MMX part (I had just missed out on the top-end 200MHz Pentium MMX by a few minutes) and needed a mobo to go with it.