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New Year, New Projects

By George Jones

This month, we take a long, hard look at 19 new PC technologies that promise to evolve your PC’s performance and functionality to new levels.

The Superiority of Designer Genes

By Tom R. Halfhill

While AMD and Intel boast about their upcoming dual-core processors, how would you like a computer with 131,072 processors? For a few million dollars, it’s yours.

All This and Headcrabs Too

By Thomas L. McDonald

For a little while there, it seemed like Vivendi Universal would take Valve Software’s Half-Life 2 ball and spike it at the 10 yard line out of pure pique.


January 2005 - The Breakthrough

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  • How fast is Intel's new 3.8ghz Pentium 4J?
  • 36 Lab Tests
  • Half-Life 2 Exclusive!
  • Power Supply Showdown
  • Ask the Doctor
  • Rig of the Month
  • The Watchdog
  • And a whole lot more!

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Microsoft Optical Desktop Elite for Bluetooth

Second-gen keyboard/mouse makes steady advances

Month Reviewed: December 2004
Verdict: 8

This latest Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse combo corrects many of the problems we had with Microsoft’s initial Bluetooth desktop.

HP F2304

The best LCD we've seen

Now imagine the glory of SDM-P234 times two! While we were evaluating Sony’s monitor, the f2304 was by its side running the exact same DisplayMate scripts and real-world content via a DVI splitter box.

Rio Carbon 5GB MP3 Player

Wherein the iPod Mini suffers a mortal wound

Month Reviewed: January 2005
Verdict: 9 Kick Ass

You’ve got to hand it to Apple—the iPod family of MP3 players is so iconic that every new MP3 player is immediately challenged with the same review cliché: “Is it an iPod killer?” The Rio Carbon is not, but paradoxically, it’s a superior device.The Rio Carbon uses Seagate’s miniature 5GB drive, putting it a gigabyte over the capacity of the iPod Mini.

Averatec 6200

We think of it as a big-ass DVD player

Month Reviewed: December 2004
Verdict: 7

We’ve never been impressed by low-cost notebooks, which tend to sacrifice so many features they feel like a car without a spare tire or rear window defroster.

Philips Ultimate Edge PSC724

A complete alternative to Sound Blaster arrives, but with a cost in performance