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April 2005

Analog to Digital--and Beyond
Watch as Maximum PC mercilessly tames even the trickiest of PC tasks: taking analog video and putting it into digital form.

The Myths of Moore's Law

By Tom R. Halfhill

April marks the 40th anniversary of Moore's law. Nobody in 1965 would have dreamed it would become so popular that even people who know nothing about semiconductor manufacturing would be quoting it in 2005.

Adrift in Dangerous Waters

By Thomas L. McDonald

Dangerous Waters reminds me just how far I’ve drifted from my roots as a PC gamer, when some of my happiest gaming moments were practicing pop-up attacks in Gunship, researching force packages for Harpoon, and mastering TWS mode in F-15 Strike Eagle III.

How To: Stream Net Radio to your MP3 Player

Forget over-the-air and satellite broadcasting. Internet radio is fresh, unfiltered, and free

Sapphire Toxic Radeon X700 Pro

Champagne on a beer budget? Don’t count on it.

The videocard section in CompUSA is a place of hopes and dreams.

Minority Report

By Michael Brown

Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t like MP3 files?

I like the idea of MP3 files.

ABS Ultimate M6

Month Reviewed: March 2005
Verdict: 9

SLI-equipped PCs trigger two reactions in most people.


April 2005: How to Pick the Best PC Parts

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M-Audio StudioPro 4

Audio accuracy on a budget

Month Reviewed: April 2005
Verdict: 8

If you have a home recording studio, you shouldn’t use a subwoofer-based speaker system because it will present an inaccurate representation of what you’re creating.