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Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 400GB

It draws blood but misses the takedown

Month Reviewed: April 2005
Verdict: 8

It’s been all quiet on the Seagate front for more than a year, but the world’s largest hard drive manufacturer is back on the offensive with its new, eighth-generation Barracuda.

Kaos Extreme Game36

Extreme machine packs some unextreme components

Month Reviewed: April 2005
Verdict: 6

It seems as though an eternity has passed since we last reviewed a PC with an Intel badge on it.

Abit Fatal1ty AA8XE

A gamer's dream come true

Month Reviewed: April 2005
Verdict: 8

If it’s possible for George Foreman to devise a mean, lean, fat-burning machine, than it shouldn’t be much of a stretch for the world’s greatest videogame player to design a mean, lean gaming mobo, should it? We can’t picture Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel standing over a PCB and popping in TSOPs by hand, but Wendel says he did have a lot of input in the design of the AA8XE board.Some of the features are classic Abit, including the dual outside thermal-exhaust system (OTES).

ASUS P5AD2-E Premium

Asus pulls performance out of the ether to trounce the competition

Month Reviewed: April 2005
Verdict: 9

Maximum PC readers will find the P5AD2-E Premium strikingly similar to the motherboard we used in last year’s Dream Machine.

Foxconn 925XE7AA-8EKRS2

Bizarre name, great board

Month Reviewed: April 2005
Verdict: 8

You can always tell when a company accustomed to selling to OEMs enters the consumer space: It forgets to give its product a name you can pick out on a store shelf.

Plextor PlexWriter PX-716A DVD Burner

Holy smokes! Plextor pulls out all the stops with its best drive ever

Month Reviewed: April 2005
Verdict: 10 Kickass

Put on your party hat, because if Plextor’s PX-716A DVD burner doesn’t make you want to get naked and dance a jig, then you’re either a hopeless Luddite or dead.We’re not all that surprised that the PX-719A turned in a record-breaking time writing 4.25GB to a single-layer DVD+R disc in 5:50 (min:sec); we’re accustomed to cutting-edge speeds from Plextor, and that’s only a second faster than the results from NEC’s much cheaper ND-3500A.

Sunbeam Transformer

More than meets the… ah, never mind

Month Reviewed: April 2005
Verdict: 8

No, this case does not transform into anything.

March 2005

Massive Multimedia How-To
Now that music and movies have gone all-digital, it's time to take control of your media.

I am the Firestarter

By Michael Brown

Greetings, Maximum PC readers. My name is Michael Brown. If you’ve been following Maximum PC since the beginning—way back in 1996 when this magazine was called boot—you might remember me as the magazine’s founding senior editor.


March 2005 - Massive Digital Media How-To

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