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How To: Stream Net Radio to your MP3 Player

Forget over-the-air and satellite broadcasting. Internet radio is fresh, unfiltered, and free

Sapphire Toxic Radeon X700 Pro

Champagne on a beer budget? Don’t count on it.

The videocard section in CompUSA is a place of hopes and dreams.

Minority Report

By Michael Brown

Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t like MP3 files?

I like the idea of MP3 files.

ABS Ultimate M6

Month Reviewed: March 2005
Verdict: 9

SLI-equipped PCs trigger two reactions in most people.


April 2005: How to Pick the Best PC Parts

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M-Audio StudioPro 4

Audio accuracy on a budget

Month Reviewed: April 2005
Verdict: 8

If you have a home recording studio, you shouldn’t use a subwoofer-based speaker system because it will present an inaccurate representation of what you’re creating.

Deck BL82 Illuminated Keyboard

A little-bit pretty, a whole-lot uncomfortable

Month Reviewed: April 2005

We love a good illuminated keyboard.

m:robe MR-500i Music Player

All dressed up with little to show

Month Reviewed: April 2005
Verdict: 4

The Olympus m:robe MR-500i appeals to your biological instincts so brazenly that it’s downright smutty.