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LG 16x Super Multi DVD Burner

No leeway for this three-way

If you have anything to say to DVD-RAM, say it now.

Asus Vento 3600 Gaming Case

Looks aren’t everything

The Vento 3600’s lusty red paint and bulging scoops are sexy enough to instill fantasies of taking it home and making mini-ATXs with it.

Thermaltake Armor series VA8000SWA

This lightweight case is heavy on features

The Thermaltake Armor is one of the most modular and customizable enclosures we’ve laid retinas on.

Western Digital Caviar SE 3200JB

Very un-Raptor like… and that’s a good thing

We all love Western Digital’s 10,000rpm Raptor drive, but its measly 74GB capacity is barely enough for our swap file.

Acoustica Beatcraft

The next best thing to a set of drums

The first drum machine I ever bought, a Yamaha RX-11, set me back a cool $1,500.

Falcon Northwest Mach V

Yeah, we’re hardware junkies. And we’re always chasing that next high. But as with any other addiction, the highs are harder and harder to come by.

BenQ LightScribe DVD ReWriter

Burn, flip, burn. Hip!

Month Reviewed: May 2005
Verdict: 8

The death certificate for Yamaha’s ill-fated Disc T@2 technology, which let you burn text or images onto the recordable side of an optical disc, attributed its demise to two factors: the shame of its absurd moniker, and the fact that the process consumed recordable space.

April 2005

Analog to Digital--and Beyond
Watch as Maximum PC mercilessly tames even the trickiest of PC tasks: taking analog video and putting it into digital form.

The Myths of Moore's Law

By Tom R. Halfhill

April marks the 40th anniversary of Moore's law. Nobody in 1965 would have dreamed it would become so popular that even people who know nothing about semiconductor manufacturing would be quoting it in 2005.

Adrift in Dangerous Waters

By Thomas L. McDonald

Dangerous Waters reminds me just how far I’ve drifted from my roots as a PC gamer, when some of my happiest gaming moments were practicing pop-up attacks in Gunship, researching force packages for Harpoon, and mastering TWS mode in F-15 Strike Eagle III.