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June 2005

Build the Ultimate Digital Dream House!

Want the speed of a wired network along with the convenience of wireless? Maximum PC shows you how to get the best of both worlds in our step-by-step guide to wiring your home for an ultra-fast wired network that meshes seamlessly with wireless access.

May 2005

The State of the Motherboard UnionIt's the most critical component of every power-user's rig, but blink and you'll find that the landscape of motherboard technology has suddenly changed.

Enraging Your Art Director

By Will Smith
The first home I networked was my own. I bought what the realtor called a “fixer-upper,” and like any hardware hacker steeped in the DIY work ethic, I did most of the remodeling myself.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-M1

Beauty is only skin deep

From an engineering perspective only, Epson’s 500v is a Honda; Fuji’s E550 is a truck; and Sony’s new DSC-M1 is a Corvette.

Fujifilm FinePix E550

Plain Jane Looks, Clark Kent Performance

This camera might look Plain Jane, but it’s really Clark Kent.

Epson L-500V

Welcome back, Epson!

Prior to the introduction of the L-500V, Epson’s last digital-camera play occurred way back in 2001.

Empires Past and Present

By Tom McDonald
Sometimes the most passionate love affairs flame out the fastest.

Why Transmeta Failed

By Tom R. Halfhill
Another one bites the dust. Well, almost. Transmeta isn’t completely out of business, but it has been forced to downsize and radically change course in order to slow the arterial bleeding still threatening to kill the wounded company.

How To: Send E-mails Securely and Confidentially

By Omeed Chandra
Shell out $60 for PGP Personal Desktop and you’ll get PGPdisk (for encrypting files on your hard drive), as well as convenient plug-ins for ICQ and several popular e-mail clients.

How To: Protect Your Data from Digital Thieves

By Omeed Chandra

Use encryption technology to keep your private data out of the public domain

Firewalls and antivirus programs are just dandy for protecting your PC itself, but what about the stuff that’s on your PC? The thousands of MP3s you’ve amassed over the years; your income-tax returns dating back to the Reagan presidency; your infallible proposal for achieving peace in the Middle East—we’re talking about your data, chief.