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Linksys WRT54GX

We would so hate to be a mere turbo G router

Month Reviewed: June 2005
Verdict: 9

The Linksys WRT54GX is the second MIMO router we’ve tested at Maximum PC.

FIC Piston

Build your own micro PC

Neither boom box nor nuke, FIC’s Piston is the wackiest small formfactor we’ve seen to date.

Built by the company that brought us the fabulous Condor SFF, FIC’s Piston offers its own innovations in small-formfactor design.

Aopen EY 855-II XC Cube

Screw the Mac Mini!

In the last few months, small formfactor PC’s have found themselves on a collision course with modern computing.

Samsung Writemaster Double Layer DVD Burner

Can you hear it now?

With LightScribe disc-labeling drives showing up from BenQ and HP, it’s understandable that you might overlook Samsung’s 16x dual-format, double-layer Writemaster DVD burner.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Quietly making noise

The original Splinter Cell reinvented the stealth shooter.

Ultrasone Proline 750

Nothing comes between me and my audio

If you’re an audio purist—the type of aficionado who doesn’t want any component in the audio chain to color what the artist recorded—whether it be a Miles Davis riff or the eerie moan of a Half-Life 2 strider as it crumples to the ground—then you should be listening to Ultrasone’s Proline 750 headphones.

These headphones deliver more than just ultra-clear, ultra-crisp audio.

NASCAR SimRacing

EA makes a right turn into the realism pit, but doesn’t leave out the fun!

If you think about it, it’s absolutely astounding that a motor sport in which drivers pretty much only turn left can be as popular as NASCAR is today.

TrackIR 3 Pro

Look, Ma—no hands! Better view-control for sims has arrived!

Turn your head, turn your field of view.

Silent Hunter III

UbiSoft rules the deep with one of the best simulations of 2005

Immersive, atmospheric, enthralling—pick an affirmative adjective and it’ll likely stick to UbiSoft’s Silent Hunter III like a magnet to steel.

Cooler Master Praetorian 730

The vaunted Wave Master gets a face-lift

You know you’re a hardcore geek when you begin reminiscing about the good-ole days you spent with an ATX enclosure, but it happened this month when the Praetorian 730, aka the Wave Master 2, arrived in the Lab.