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OCZ Agility 3 240GB Review

OCZ already ships two drives with the blazing-fast SF-2281 controller—the Vertex 3 and the firmware-tweaked Max IOPS Vertex 3. So, why a third? Like its predecessors the Agility and Agility 2, the Agility 3 is OCZ’s “mainstream” SSD for this generation. So what distinguishes it from the Vertex 3, and is there any reason to buy it?


Nikon D7000 Review

Nikon built the D7000 using a partial magnesium shell (top and bottom) with dust and weather seals. It feels slightly less balanced in the hand than Canon's D60, but this is a minor inconvenience that most shooters won't notice.

Overall, the D7000 is a high-end prosumer camera with some professional aspirations. It’s got great low-light performance, reasonably fast autofocus, and feels pretty good in the hand, though large lenses will alter the balance.