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Amped Wireless REC15A Review

Take your router to new heights

Amped Wireless REC15AIn an ideal world, routers would offer the perfect amount of Wi-Fi coverage, but the truth is even the best routers have their limits. If you’ve got a big house, or live in an area with thick walls and have multiple dead spots, things can get hairy. This is where Wi-Fi range extenders come into play, and Amped Wireless is promising to fill that wireless void with its REC15A.


Velocity Micro Edge Z55 Review

Velocity Micro Edge Z55 gutshotCompact but fast

It’s never good to whip out a new PC, plug it in, and click the power button, only to have absolutely nothing happen. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. The issue is only compounded when the problem box is a small MicroATX system packed with so much hardware that you can’t even get your hand inside.