Game Theory: Return of the King

Unreal Tournament 3 brings some delicious new innovations to the multiplayer shooter genre.

Fast Forward: Transmeta's Rebirth

A new lease on life working with its former competitors.

Ed Word: The Maximum PC Promise to Readers

Will Smith sets the record straight on the crowbar separation between advertising and editorial content.


Western Digital Passport 250GB

Pink is our new obsession, and we have Western Digital to blame. Its pink, portable Passport hard drive (try saying that fast) is small enough to fit in Steven Tyler’s mouth, yet it comes with two of our most favorite features in the world: sweet speeds and snazzy backup software. And to top it off, you have to carry only a single USB cable alongside the little sweetheart, as there’s no accompanying power brick or annoying connector.

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Maxtor OneTouch 4

We were about to lead off this review with a Nelson Muntz-style “ha-ha” at Seagate, whose 750GB FreeAgent Pro has now fallen from the top of our external storage rankings thanks to Maxtor’s OneTouch 4. And then we remembered that Seagate now owns Maxtor. Whoops.

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