In the lab: Will Smith Experiments with 64-bit Vista

Real-world testing of Windows Vista 64-bit yields surprising results. And by surprising we mean annoying.


In the Lab: Gordon Mah Ung Wants to Kill ATX

Why do we stick with a legacy formfactor and kill the forward-thinking ones?


White Paper: PC Recycling

It's finally time to put that old rig down, but what happens to your PC in the afterlife?


Rig of the Month: Chris Cook's Phase III

Chris Cook's shiny, glowing, handmade test bench makes us happy. Being Rig of the Month makes Chris happy. Everyone wins!

Watchdog: March 2008

Our consumer advocate investigates the Dog's fuzzy math, KillerPings.com's disappearing act, and Norton's three-user license.

Game Theory: A Good Year or the Best Year?

2007 was the gaming's best year ever. And even though a lot of the gains were in the console realms, PC users should still rejoice.