Fast Forward: The Future of CPU Integration

Code-named Niagara, Sun's new server processor boasts 8 64-bit processor cores and a slew of other features. This is where the future's headed.

Game Theory: Game/Art

In which we try to decide if Bioshock counts as Art. Pitchforks and torches provided for your convenience.

Ed Word: Managing Maximum Expectations

It's hard on the streets for an EIC.


Panasonic HDC-SD1

The HDC-SD1 was the smallest and lightest camcorder we tested, and the easiest one to use. It offers few buttons to confuse you and no viewfinder, but wait a minute—that’s a frickin’ 3-inch viewscreen, which seems huge compared to the others’ 2.7-inchers. And it’s bright enough to show you its crispy video even on the sunniest of days. The zoom lever gives you just the right amount of speed right when you need it, and the navigational joystick is right there under your thumb. Its optical image stabilization holds those shots rock-solid unless you zoom all the way to 12x.

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Fast Forward: Intel Thinks Different

Intel's QuickPath, which will debut with Nehelem, will enable cores to communicate much more efficiently.

Watchdog: December 2007

Our consumer advocate investigates "quad-core" P4, a Wolf King that won't get up, and a camera recall.


Medal of Honor: Airborne

Dear Mom and Dad,

I signed on with the 82nd Airborne because it promised that its new approach to fighting the war would be the best way to serve my country in this terrible crisis. It’s been a tough three years over here in Europe, but the Airborne has proved that it can take the good fight for freedom to new heights. Over the last six operations in my tour, I’ve really done my part to stop Jerry!

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D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router

D-Link’s DIR-655 was one of the fastest routers in our Draft-N roundup, and it proved best-in-breed in terms of range. But speed and range aren’t the only reasons to like this product. If you enjoy fine-tuning your network’s performance, the Xtreme N offers more control over more settings than anything else we tested.

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Buffalo NFiniti WZR2-G300N

From the get-go, Buffalo’s Nfiniti WZR2-G300N installation routine prompts you to establish a new password for accessing the router’s firmware. Considering all the legitimate concerns about network security, why is this step the exception rather than the rule for router-installation wizards?

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