November 2007


November 2007 - Heal & Inoculate Your PC

The complete PDF archive of the November 2007 edition of Maximum PC, every article included, every page posted! Download it now!

Fast Forward: The Future of CPU Integration

Code-named Niagara, Sun's new server processor boasts 8 64-bit processor cores and a slew of other features. This is where the future's headed.

Game Theory: Game/Art

In which we try to decide if Bioshock counts as Art. Pitchforks and torches provided for your convenience.

Ed Word: Managing Maximum Expectations

It's hard on the streets for an EIC.


Medal of Honor: Airborne

Dear Mom and Dad,

I signed on with the 82nd Airborne because it promised that its new approach to fighting the war would be the best way to serve my country in this terrible crisis. It’s been a tough three years over here in Europe, but the Airborne has proved that it can take the good fight for freedom to new heights. Over the last six operations in my tour, I’ve really done my part to stop Jerry!

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