Microsoft Capitulates on Vista Licensing Terms!

Vista EULA copyright protection blues take a step for the consumer.

SoundMatters FullStageHD

Two isn't necessarily better than one, and FullstageHD may not be any exception to the rule.


OCZ Tempest

This month, memory-maker OCZ wades into the hotly contested CPU cooling arena with its blingy Tempest cooler. Though the Tempest has the signature OCZ flair, we were let down by its midrange performance and loud operation.

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Seagate eSATA External Hard Drive

We’ve been waiting several years for eSATA (external SATA, that is) to show up. This month we’re happy to see the first eSATA drive actually arrive to market. If you’re looking for an external backup drive that’s much faster than a standard USB or FireWire drive, Christmas has come early.

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HIS Radeon X1900 XTX IceQ3

Although wildly designed, can the HIS X1900 deliver the power and performance expected?


iBuyPower Gamer's Fire

You can look at every PC as having its own personality—an essence comprising its strengths, quirks, and flaws. Take iBuyPower’s Gamer’s Fire PC, for example: It’s a crossbreed of Rodney Dangerfield and Steven Seagal. You might not respect its pot belly and ugly golf clothes, but it can snap a suite of benchmarks like a twig.

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Zalman Reserator 2

Zalman’s Reserator is a silent, fanless cooler that needs no introduction. Though we’ve praised the previous versions of this water cooler, Zalman has seen fit to completely redesign the newest Reserator model. And in doing so, it addresses the few issues people had with earlier versions, while unceremoniously introducing a few new issues.

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Want a little more bang for your game? ATI's latest GPU promises to be a hot date you won't want to delay.

ECS KA3 MVP Extreme

ATI's often-overlooked chipsets for the Athlon 64 CPUs got a serious lift this summer when AMD bought the Canadian graphics company.