January 2006

With a powerful blow from our Blade of Benchmarks, Maximum PC cuts through the tough decisions PC power-users face, like a hot knife through buttah! AMD or Intel? Revealed! ATI or nVidia? Clocked! Hitachi or Western Digital? The truth at last! We back up our endorsements with the hard numbers, so you can spend more time building and playing and less time shopping and praying.

Whether you’re a professional or an, ahem, “amateur,” these six digital video cameras are about more than megapixels.


With FEAR, Monolith has cooked up another technically proficient shooter that just can’t maintain the pace it sets for itself in its early levels.

Age of Empires III

If you're relatively new to strategy gaming and you’re a history buff, Age of Empires III is a no-brainer: It’s just about the most gorgeous period RTS you’re going to find, and its rock-solid gameplay will haunt your waking hours.

McAfee VirusScan 2006

Forty bucks buys you antivirus protection, email-attachment scanning, spyware detection, real-time, on-the-fly security alerts, and one year of daily virus-signature and program updates in McAfee’s VirusScan 2006.

StarTech MP3 AirLink

Belkin TuneStage

Belkin’s TuneStage is an unmitigated disaster. A diminutive transmitter plugged into your iPod uses Bluetooth technology to stream audio to a router-size receiver plugged into your stereo.

Pinnacle ShowCenter 200

Pinnacle’s ShowCenter 200 receives not only audio streams over a wired or wireless network, but digital video (including HD), digital photos, and Internet radio, too.

October 2006

Find safe refuge for your pets, because the "Backstage at Ozzfest" October issue of Maximum PC is about to hit newsstands!

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