Dual-Core CPUs Level the Playing Field

AMD stays strong in the market despite many tough times, pushing processing power full ahead.

We are Pack Rats

Time travelling is as easy as rummaging through ancient, stored-away relics from previous hardware eras.

Creative Home Theater Connect DTS-610

Laws preventing software pirates may spoil your home digital theatre fun, but not with the help of this nifty digital device.

Shure E4g Earbuds

Little, yellow, and definitely kick ass, the Shure E4g Earbuds pack a punch even with their diminuitive size.

Apricorn EZ Bus Mini

It might not win any beauty contests, but that doesn't keep the EZ Minibus from winning our hearts.

Antec P150

Silence is a virtue, and this Antec case doesn't flap it's jaws.

Quake 4: Better Than a Camera up the Ass!

Raven shows the Doom 3 engine some light, but fails to illuminate more than a faint luster.


Canon EOS 5D

Look into the viewfinder of a consumer-grade digital SLR and you’ll notice a startling difference compared with a film camera and the same lens: Your view is cropped, in much the same way black bars crop a widescreen movie to fit an older TV.

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Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro

If you follow our cooling reviews like a thermal groupie, you’ll recall that so far this year we’ve awarded perfect 10/Kick Ass verdicts to the Cooler Master Hyper 6+ and the Zalman CNPS9500 LED.

Raidmax Glacier

This cooler’s design is reminiscent of Thermalright’s hugely popular XP-120, and it works just as well.