November 2006

Nvidia Ships First DirectX 10 GPUs

DirectX 10 and you: How to survive the awesomeness that will come to be.

Thermaltake Symphony Mini

Can a CPU water cooling unit from Thermaltake keep your case cool and quiet?


MSI K9N SLI Platinum

We loved MSI’s last nForce4 board so much that we gave it a Kick Ass award and even bumped the Asus A8N32-SLI board from our Best Of The Best list. Unfortunately, MSI was so late to the nForce4 SLI x16 party that the board debuted right on the cusp of the AM2 launch; thus its lifespan was brief, and product was impossible to find.

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Swiftech H20-80 Micro

Swiftech’s dual-radiator Apex Ultra water-cooling kit is the current cooling record-holder (in our Lab, at least), so when the company told us it had a Micro kit that was designed to fit in tight, cramped cases, we were intrigued. Like most hardcore PC users, we assumed a small radiator couldn’t get the job done—at least without making a ton of noise. Boy, were we ever wrong.

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ViewSonic cine1000 DLP Projector

Crave the big-screen home-theater experience? Stuck with a small-screen budget? Take a long look at the Cine1000-this versatile DLP projector is street-priced at just $900.

Microsoft Capitulates on Vista Licensing Terms!

Vista EULA copyright protection blues take a step for the consumer.

SoundMatters FullStageHD

Two isn't necessarily better than one, and FullstageHD may not be any exception to the rule.