June 2006

XFX GeForce 7900 GTX

Prepare to be sucked into your seat with XFX's extremely powerful Geforce 7900 GTX.

Velocity Micro Gamer's Edge DualX

The velocity certainly isn't micro in this PC, sporting some sexy speeds in gaming and beyond.

The Future of PC Gaming, Part II

Maybe the PC and its bastard console children aren't so different, after all. Can we all live in harmony?


HP nc6320 Notebook

Hewlett-Packard certainly isn’t known for making high-end gaming notebooks, but the company does know its way around corporate configs. This nc6320 has everything we love in a notebook—including Intel’s popular Core Duo dual-core mobile CPU, but it uses a technology so outdated we dare not speak its name. OK, we’ll say it: onboard video—a parts choice that makes 3D gaming literally impossible.

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Intel's Core is a Brainiac

Architecture isn't just constructing buildings, it also dictates how your computer processes data, and Intel's got a few tricks yet.