June 2006

Kensington Entertainment Dock 500

Kensington's Entertainment Dock 500 allows you to use the iPod from anywhere you want do, despite the fact that the screen on the iPod is all you'll have to use.


Western Digital Caviar SE 16 500GB

This month, WD joins the 500GB party with its Caviar SE 16 drive. Because the 400GB model is already our favorite 7,200rpm drive, we expected big things from its four-platter successor—and we were mostly satisfied.

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Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned: Criminal Origins is one of the creepiest single-player games we've ever played. It's even scarier than FEAR, which is the current high-water mark in the horror/shooter genre.

Getting the Vista Vibe

Please, Microsoft, don't release Vista until it's actually ready. You've waited four years, take the time to make it right! No one wants a half-baked OS!

Squeezebox 3

Stream music to anywhere in your house with a tiny box handling all the hard work.

Zalman VF900-CU

Unbelievabely fast frame rates makes the VF900-Cu almost too hot to handle. Literraly.

Sapphire Radeon X1900 XTX

Our previous-generation test beds were based on nVidia’s nForce4 chipset, because we needed to test SLI configurations.