February 2006

Seagate 7200.9 Barracuda

Seagate’s new flagship drive is a case of “one step forward, one step back” as it features an increased buffer size (now at 16MB) compared with the previous generation drive, but a lower areal density, if you can believe that.

ATI All in Wonder X1800 XL

ATI’s X1000-series GPUs haven’t exactly bowled us over with their 3D prowess, and the X1800 XL is no exception.

Falcon Northwest Mach V

It’s the worst-kept secret in the PC business: All of the manufacturers have access to the exact same parts.

AOpen Mini PC

There have been few watershed moments in the history of the PC formfactor: There was, of course, the tectonic-plate shift that moved us from AT to ATX.

Cyberpower Gamer Ultra 8500 SE

Some of us were lucky enough to score screaming FX-60, 7800 GTX SLI systems during the winter holidays.

Maxtor DiamondMax 11

We were big fans of Maxtor’s last hard drive, the DiamondMax 10. It was the first desktop drive to sport a bodacious 16MB buffer, one of the first drives to offer native command queuing, and it was an all-around excellent performer.

Sapphire Radeon X800 GTO Ultimate

We’ve put up with hot, noisy graphics cards for so long that we’d almost forgotten there was a time when the little buggers didn’t need cooling fans.