February 2006


February 2006 - Are Bugs Killing Your PC?

The complete PDF archive of the February 2006 edition of Maximum PC, every article included, every page posted! Download it now!

Dream Machine Tour 2006

See the sexy beast we created (in PC form) with a limitless budget and a little thermal paste.

Enter Rig of the Month and Win Big!

Parade your PC building skills and enter the Rig of the Month contest and become the envy of the elite.

February 2006

Calm all of those annoying voices in your head and read Maximum PC.

Dual-Core CPUs Level the Playing Field

AMD stays strong in the market despite many tough times, pushing processing power full ahead.

We are Pack Rats

Time travelling is as easy as rummaging through ancient, stored-away relics from previous hardware eras.

Creative Home Theater Connect DTS-610

Laws preventing software pirates may spoil your home digital theatre fun, but not with the help of this nifty digital device.

Shure E4g Earbuds

Little, yellow, and definitely kick ass, the Shure E4g Earbuds pack a punch even with their diminuitive size.

Apricorn EZ Bus Mini

It might not win any beauty contests, but that doesn't keep the EZ Minibus from winning our hearts.