April 2006


April 2006 - Copy Movies and Music!

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April 2006

Update: Reading old issues of our magazine is proven effective in lowering cholesterol when used as a suppliment in a healthy diet.

Pinnacle Systems Studio Plus 10

As any entomologist knows, there's nothing that can ruin a picnic like a swarm of bugs. Apparently nobody at Pinnacle consulted their local bug expert.

Creative I-Trigue L3800 Speakers

Not all satellites are heavenly bodies. Unfortunately Creative's I-Trigue fails to take orbit.

MGE Dragon

Despite a valliant attempt, the MGE Dragon falls into the "guy with tribal armband" category of coolness.

PNY Verto GeForce 6800 GS

Now, even a tightwad (you know who you are!) can afford a little performance for a little price.


How To: Outfit Your Workstation Ergonomically

Give your arthritis afflicted digits and humped back a rest with some ergonomic excersizes.


Swiftech Apex Ultra

When Swiftech said it was sending us the most extreme kit it has ever built, the drooling commenced. The kit arrived, and sure enough, it’s extreme—and it performs extremely well, to boot. But while it’s the best-performing kit we’ve ever tested, it’s not perfect.

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Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

Prison is a very serious subject of intense public scrutiny and opinion. But criminals have all the fun in games!

AMD Hooks Up with Cinderella

AMD licenses Swiss tech to improve perfomance with Z-RAM capacitors.