Sony DRU-810A

It seems someone at Sony decided to start kicking ass and taking names—the DRU-810A beat the crap out of several of our benchmarks and made a daring, if not entirely successful attempt to snatch the gold from Plextor’s majestic PX-716A.

LaCie 40GB Silverscreen Hard Drive

With LaCie’s Silverscreen you can take all those perfectly legal downloaded movies and DVD rips and play them wherever there’s a television set—at home, in the car, or if you got caught illegally downloading, even in your cell.

WD Caviar SE 16 400

Western Digital has been sitting on the sidelines of the hard drive technology race for the past year, quietly petting its Raptor, watching the competition ratchet up both capacity and buffer sizes to unheard of levels.

Fable: The Lost Chapters

Fable: The Lost Chapters is far too linear and short (about 14 hours) to be labeled a “must-have,” particularly on the PC.

Black & White 2

The original Black & White was, in many ways, a failed experiment in emergent game design. It attempted to meld god games—where you build a city to help your people grow and flourish—with the pet management games that were all the rage in Japan.

MobiBLU 1GB DAH 500I

Mobiblu’s DAH-1500i is smaller than a single cubic inch and has the crisp OLED display the iPod Shuffle forgot to include.

Archos 3GB Gmini XS 100

We, like, totally dig Archos for its many fabulous products, but the hard drive-based Gmini XS 100 isn’t one of them.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T7

If the swimsuit contest held the most weight in this roundup, Sony’s DSC-T7 would trump the competition—and soundly.

Canon Powershot SD500

At six ounces, sans battery, it would be easy to label the SD500 as an SUV in world awash with sports cars.

The Maximum PC Auction: The Road Runner

Take a good look at the Road Runner. Part 1970s-style MOPAR muscle car, part state-of-the-art computing power—you’re looking at one lust-worthy gaming rig.