October 2005

XFX XGear Dual Reflex

The XGear is a standard dual-thumbstick USB controller, with an eight-way directional pad, and eight buttons.

Silverstone Nitrogon NT02

Nobody can question Silverstone’s expertise when it comes to building PC enclosures, but what in the hey-diddle-diddle does the company know about CPU cooling? As it turns out, quite a bit: The NT02 is a fantastic all-around CPU cooler, though not the best we’ve tested.The NT02 adheres to traditional heatsink/fan design—it features a copper base, aluminum fins, and five copper heat pipes with sintered metal wicks to transfer heat from the base to the fins.

Vantec LapCool2

Your laptop is making you sterile! If you use your laptop while it’s on your lap, the heat it creates could be overheating your “boys.” Scrotal hyperthermia is not a laughing matter, people.