October 2005

Turtle Beach Ear Force HPA

We know good surround-sound headphones exist. We pitted models from Pioneer and Sony against each other in our May 2005 Head2Head and came away impressed with both contenders (Sony won the match by a nose).

Fix Windows Now!

By Will Smith
When I reviewed Windows XP, way back in October 2001, I declared it the best Windows yet, awarding it a perfect score of 10 and the coveted Kick Ass award.


Juiced is the latest underground racing sim to hit store shelves, and it reeks more of commercial exploitation than legitimate street cred.

From the get-go, Juiced wastes no time putting you into a drivers seat to live out your dreams of asphalt domination.

Koolance Aquian ICM-505

The Aquian is a revelation in that it’s an internal water-cooling kit that offers the same level of performance as an external unit without having a big-honkin’ radiator and fan outside your case.

Happy Fun Golf

By Tom McDonald
As most golfers will tell you, golf isn’t a multiplayer-friendly game.

Hypersonic Cyclone OCX Limited Edition

We’re acknowledged hardware snobs, so we readily admit it takes something special to make us take a step back and say, “Wow.” We’ll also admit that Hypersonic’s luscious Cyclone OCX Limited Edition made us do just that.

Though Hypersonic has always sent impressive systems for review, the company has upped its game this time around.

ButtKicker Gamer

You know those hooptie-mobiles that pump so much bass your fillings rattle? That’s the idea behind the ButtKicker Gamer.

APC Universal Notebook Battery

The problem with today’s high-performance gaming notebooks isn’t performance, it’s battery life.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Soaked!

Last year’s RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 arrived as an enjoyable addition to the franchise, but it was incredibly buggy at launch.

Metadot Das Keyboard

The question is, how much more black could it be? The answer, in the words of the inimitable Nigel Tufuel, is, “none.” With no extraneous adornment—such as labels for the keys—the Das Keyboard is really, seriously black.