October 2005

The Maximum PC Auction: The Road Runner

Take a good look at the Road Runner. Part 1970s-style MOPAR muscle car, part state-of-the-art computing power—you’re looking at one lust-worthy gaming rig.

The Maximum PC Auction: Baby Blue

A small footprint and a super-low noise profile mean you can put this rig anywhere—it’s got the power to handle any task, even gaming!

Whether you put this rig in your living room and connect it to your big-screen TV or regularly tote it between LAN parties and your home office, Baby Blue has you covered.


October 2005 - Next-Gen Windows Comes Together!

The complete PDF archive of the October 2005 edition of Maximum PC, every article included, every page posted! Download it now!

October 2005

Next-Gen Windows
Microsoft's long-delayed but highly anticipated next version of Windows--code-named Longhorn--is running in the Lab! Next month, we'll give you the nickel tour, explain how it works, and introduce you to all the new features.

China: The Next Intel?

By Tom R. Halfhill
I was recently embroiled in controversy after writing a technical report about a new Chinese-designed microprocessor.

Area 51

We began to suspect that Area 51 might not be the end-all, be-all of shooters when we saw that the ad campaign for the game closed with, “Coming soon to a bargain bin near you.” OK, we made that up, but it’s gonna happen—you just know it.

Unlike the fun light-gun version of the game in arcades and pizza parlors everywhere, the PC version of Area 51 is a spectacularly bland first-person shooter with a cliché-ridden storyline that goes like this: There’s this top-secret base, a disturbance takes place, and you and your hazmat team are sent in to find out what happened.

Ergodex DX1

The keyboard and mouse make a fine game controller, but the experience could definitely be better.

DataWind PocketSurfer

Have you ever seen a flying squirrel take to the air? They don’t really fly, they just glide for a few yards and then crash into the nearest tree.

Toshiba Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless audio frequently entails sacrificing fidelity in the name of convenience. Toshiba seems to have licked the noise problem with its Bluetooth headphones, but not without making a few other minor tradeoffs.

Audio quality is the most important consideration when we evaluate headphones, and we were surprised at how good—and how quiet—these Toshibas sound; we detected zero background noise.

Thermaltake Schooner CL-G0009

Thermaltake’s Schooner is a fanless VGA cooler that sends heat from your videocard’s GPU into two huge heatsinks via heat pipes.