November 2005


November 2005: Ultimate Videocard Showdown!

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November 2005

Videocard Buyers' Guide
Confused? Bewildered? Vexed? No problem: Maximum PC has the answers on choosing your next videocard for today's--and tomorrow's--games! We break down the specs, put the jargon in laygamer's terms, and show you exactly what to expect from high-end setups like SLI and CrossFire.

How Windows Won Me Over

By Will Smith
It’s still hard for me to believe that Windows has been around for 20 years.

Zen Vision 30GB Portable Video Player

We can only imagine the conversations with Microsoft that took place when Creative decided to ditch Redmond’s Portable Media Center platform in favor of its own homebrew interface (“It’s not you—it’s us”).

Innovatek SET Passive Water-Cooling Kit

We all know that water conducts heat much more efficiently than air, but is it so effective that a water-cooling kit can run without any fans? That’s what we wanted to test with Innovatek’s SET passive water-cooling kit, which foregoes the standard radiator/fan setup in exchange for a massive external radiator that can either be bolted to the side of your case or stand on its own little feet.

MotoGP 3

For those not in the know, MotoGP is the highest level of motorcycle racing in the world. It’s akin to F1 for cars, in that it’s run with nothing but hand-made, multimillion-dollar prototype machines that are driven by the top racing talent.

Asus Extreme N7800 GTX Top

Word on the street is that Asus pays nVidia a premium to get pick-of-the-litter GeForce 7800 GTX GPUs, with the express intent of using them to build over-the-top videocards.

Silverstone FP53

We’ve long lusted over Silverstone’s statuesque cases, but this is the first time we’ve tested one of the company’s hard drive enclosures.

Dell XPS 600

Dell can recognize a hot market when it sees it. With its sixth-generation supreme gaming box, Dell is out to prove that it’s damned serious about gamers.