July 2005

Apple’s x86 Invasion

By Will SmithThe earthshaking, D-Day announcement that Apple is switching from IBM’s PowerPC architecture to Intel’s x86 is, without a doubt, the biggest tech story of the last five years.


Though the first three SWAT games were squad-based and heavily strategic, a la Rainbow 6, this fourth installment is more Hollywood action movie than sim.


Pariah is a better game than its first 30 minutes indicate. Unfortunately, we found those first 30 minutes so annoying that getting to the rest of the game was a genuine challenge.

Guild Wars

Guild Wars is an MMORPG “lite,” offering much of the fun of class leaders World of Warcraft and EverQuest 2, but without the bank-balance-draining monthly fee and the must-play-all-week requirement to advance.

Cold Fear

It must suck to be on the Bravo team—you only get sent in when things are looking really, really bad.

Minifiguratively Speaking

By Tom McDonaldLego Star Wars seems more
like the name of a clever QuickTime movie than an idea for a great game.

How To: Protect Yourself from Phishing and Pharming

By Michael Brown
If you’ve ever received an e-mail from PayPal, eBay, or a financial institution in which the sender asks you to log onto a website to confirm your online user ID and password, you’ve witnessed the handiwork of an Internet con artist.

These types of fraudulent e-mails are classified as “phishing” schemes, because crooks chum the waters with millions of pieces of spam, hoping a few fish will swallow the bait.

Easy Media Creator 7.5

Nero and Roxio have been locked in a competitive square-dance for years, and we’ve given both companies’ capable disc-mastering suites our Kick-Ass award in the past.

CryptoStick USB 2.0

Astute readers will recall Maximum PC’s June issue how-to project titled “Protect Your Data from Digital Thieves.” In it, we showed you how to encrypt the files on your USB key so your G7-clearance “eyes only” nuclear-reactor blueprints remain safe from the Crimson Jihad.

M-Flyer TravelDrive

Memorex’ M-Flyer is a slick, full-featured USB key complete with a tiny splash of special sauce.