Holiday 2005

Holiday 2005

Upgrading, A-to-Z
How strong is your upgrading fu? Newbs rightly feel a sense of trepidation installing a $600 prize videocard, but even power users would be wise to refresh themselves on the basics of choosing, buying, and installing upgrades for their rigs.

Slim Devices Squeezebox 2

We all have the same problem: tons of music on our computer, but no way to listen to it in the living room.

Puget Systems Custom PC

While not officially sanctioned by Intel for desktop use, the Pentium M processor has long been coveted by fans of quiet PCs and small form-factor boxes, for the very reasons the mobile CPU has excelled in the notebook arena: low power usage and minimal heat output.

Steel Sound 5H USB

Many a pro gamer or pro gamer wannabe wouldn’t be caught dead at a LAN party without a Steelpad mousepad.

Getac M220

There are two kinds of notebook geeks: the anal-retentive guy who keeps the plastic screen protector on his notebook at all times, and The Abuser.

Philips 256MB ShogBox

We blushed when we received the Philip’s ShogBox, a rather, um, suggestive name for a portable alarm clock with built-in speakers that plays MP3s.

Logitech G5

The original laser mouse—the wireless MX1000—is still one of our all-time favorite mice.

Apple Mighty Mouse

It’s shocking but true: Apple has finally shipped a two-button mouse. Unfortunately, the company’s first foray into bi-button rodentia can only be considered a flop.

Memina Pocket Rocket 4GB

We used to think a 1GB USB key was embarrassingly decadent, but in these 4GB times we wouldn’t even bother to pee on a 1-gigger if it were on fire.

BlueParrott B100

We know Bluetooth technology is capable of producing good audio, because the Toshiba Bluetooth headphones we reviewed in October sound great.