Fast Forward: Multithreaded Booby Traps

'Threadlocks' threaten multi-core PCs. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

Game Theory: Live! (For a Price)

Does Games for Windows spell the end of free online multiplayer?


Another reason not to upgrade to Vista

Will discovers the magic Land of Too Many Versions and pillages Castle Vista

Fast Forward: Intel's Transistor 'Breakthrough'

Intel 'reveals; the first metal-gate transistors with high-k gate dielectrics. Just like they did three years ago. High-k what now?

Game Theory: Wandering the Fringes

Enthusiasts drive fringe gaming communities. While pretending to drive 18-wheelers.

Bring on the PC of Tomorrow

Where are the lovingly-crafted, innovative cases of the future?

Game Theory: Rainbow 5 1/2

When games shift from PCs to consoles, in-depth content goes right with them. Case-in-point -- Rainbow Six: Vegas.

Fast Forward: Is Nothing Secret?

In his March column, Tom Halfhill takes a look at the idea of recording the entirety of one's life in a digital format.


An Easier Way to Remove Junk Software

Removing all the shovelware that ships on a major OEM's systems takes a lot of time and energy. With one easy-to-use piece of software, you can remove it all in one fell swoop.

iPhone? I think not!

Will refuses to buy an iPhone, the dumbest of all the smartphones. Saves $600.