Fast Forward: Multithreaded Booby Traps

'Threadlocks' threaten multi-core PCs. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

Game Theory: Live! (For a Price)

Does Games for Windows spell the end of free online multiplayer?

Bring on the PC of Tomorrow

Where are the lovingly-crafted, innovative cases of the future?


Another reason not to upgrade to Vista

Will discovers the magic Land of Too Many Versions and pillages Castle Vista

Fast Forward: Intel's Transistor 'Breakthrough'

Intel 'reveals; the first metal-gate transistors with high-k gate dielectrics. Just like they did three years ago. High-k what now?

Game Theory: Wandering the Fringes

Enthusiasts drive fringe gaming communities. While pretending to drive 18-wheelers.

Game Theory: Rainbow 5 1/2

When games shift from PCs to consoles, in-depth content goes right with them. Case-in-point -- Rainbow Six: Vegas.

Fast Forward: Is Nothing Secret?

In his March column, Tom Halfhill takes a look at the idea of recording the entirety of one's life in a digital format.


An Easier Way to Remove Junk Software

Removing all the shovelware that ships on a major OEM's systems takes a lot of time and energy. With one easy-to-use piece of software, you can remove it all in one fell swoop.

iPhone? I think not!

Will refuses to buy an iPhone, the dumbest of all the smartphones. Saves $600.