Time for a Multitouch Revolution

iPhone and Surface foreshadow the inevitable rise of our multitouch overlords

Game Theory: The Road to Somewhere

Feeling bummed about your never-ending MMO? Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

Fast Forward: Penryn helps Intel's comeback

Intel's Penryn promises easier programming, deeper power save, and dynamic processor workload sharing. Sounds shiny!

Is Microsoft serious about Games for Windows?

Is Games for Windows an honest, if bug-ridden, attempt to bring Live to PCs, or something far more sinister? Dun dun dun...

I'm All A-Twitter

willsmith is being chased by zombies (updated 3 weeks ago from web)

Fast Forward: Being smart about Vista

Don't let the big guy pressure you. You don't have to upgrade to Vista until you're good and ready.

Game Theory: Bad Dad?

Properly used, games can educate and entertain your young 'uns, and not turn them into soulless killers.

We've Been Busy

In which Will explains all the awesome new things we have for you.

Fast Forward: Multicore vs. Manycore

Multicore repeats single-core's drawbacks; could power-efficient manycore designs be the future?

Game Theory: The Fourth Console

Games For Windows isn't much to look at now, but boy howdy, just you wait.