Game Theory: The Adventures of the Tentacled Cosmic Spawn

Lovecraft and Doyle's universes team up for an adventure game that reminds us why adventure games were great.

Ed Word: Do Not Chase Waterfalls

Read about what's next, but don't get hung up on always having the fastest and the best.

Game Theory: Hangin' out at the Quad Core

Tom McDonald tries out a top-of-the-line quad-core gaming laptop and discovers true happiness.

Ed Word: Introducing Maximum PC's Mod Shop

Build your rig, battle it in the coliseum, and then brag about all the cool stuff you're winning. Pretty sweet!

Game Theory: The Wii Effect

Will the Wii bring millions of fresh-faced newbs to gaming, or does its appeal lack crossover power?

Fast Forward: Out-of-the-Box Experience

Since when is setting up an off-the-shelf system trickier than building your own? Since now, apparently.

Ed Word: Savoring the E3 Love

Will announces his "Best of E3" - some are out now, some are coming out soon!

Game Theory: AO-K

A little oppression is good for the soul. If you're a games publisher, that is.

Fast Forward: Vacuums Make a Comeback

Vacuum "air gaps" will insulate internal wiring on IBM's future processors. Wacky!

Time for a Multitouch Revolution

Here's where Microsoft and Apple need to step up their game.