Fast Forward: Transmeta's Rebirth

A new lease on life working with its former competitors.

Ed Word: The Maximum PC Promise to Readers

Will Smith sets the record straight on the crowbar separation between advertising and editorial content.

Game Theory: Symphonies of Destruction

We're nearly drowning in top-notch fragfests!

Fast Forward: AMD's Odd Phenom

What's so weird about

Ed Word: Are you there, Internet? It's me, Will.

Will is in ur internet, clogging ur toobz.

Fast Forward: The Future of CPU Integration

Code-named Niagara, Sun's new server processor boasts 8 64-bit processor cores and a slew of other features. This is where the future's headed.

Game Theory: Game/Art

In which we try to decide if Bioshock counts as Art. Pitchforks and torches provided for your convenience.

Ed Word: Managing Maximum Expectations

It's hard on the streets for an EIC.

Fast Forward: Intel Thinks Different

Intel's QuickPath, which will debut with Nehelem, will enable cores to communicate much more efficiently.

Game Theory: The Adventures of the Tentacled Cosmic Spawn

Lovecraft and Doyle's universes team up for an adventure game that reminds us why adventure games were great.