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Protected Audio Path from GPU?

Ask the Doctor LogoI’m in the process of piecing together an HTPC that will run Windows 7 Home Premium. I’d like to be able to connect the HTPC to my receiver via a single HDMI cable. Are there any videocards available that will send both video and TrueHD audio via an HDMI cable, or do I have to use the Asus Xonar HDAV 1.3 Slim that was reviewed in the November issue?

—Ed Yeich

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'Upgrade' Is a Relative Term

Ask the Doctor LogoI have an Asus P5L-MX motherboard and have wanted to upgrade the CPU for some time. Right now, I have a single-core Intel Celeron D with a Prescott core. I’ve pretty much maxed out the overclocking possibilities (I’ve gone from a stock 2.66GHz clock to 3.47GHz) and now I want to replace it with something better.

I want to keep the motherboard, however, which slightly complicates matters. As I recall, multicore processors were just catching on around the time my mobo was made. The documentation says it can support dual-core CPUs, and it has an LGA775 socket. I’d like to know whether it can take a quad-core or higher CPU, and if so, which ones (or if not, which dual-core CPU)?

—Andrew Lambert

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Crap Removal

Ask the Doctor LogoWhat program do you recommend to clean up registry errors? I tried the new Norton Utilities, and it won’t fix all the errors it finds, even in safe mode.

—Vade Forrester

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