Zune Gets New Swag from Microsoft, 23 Other Vendors

Zune Gets New Swag from Microsoft, 23 Other Vendors

The endcaps and counters of electronics stores everywhere have been crowded with both Apple-made and third-party accessories for iPods for a long time now. Now Microsoft, in its effort to give the world's most popular portable media player family a run for its money, has decided to work with 23 other companies to deck out your Zune, in addition to the new accessories it announced last month.

Zune Licencees Galore

Microsoft's new Zune accessory licensees range, literally, from A (Agent 18 and Altec Lansing) to Z (zLive by DPI, Inc.) with lots of other letters in between:

  • B (Belkin)
  • C (Case-Mate)
  • D (Digital Lifestyle Outfitters - DLO, Polk Audio's Directed Electronics, Dual Electronics)
  • G (GPX, Griffin Technology, Golla)
  • I (Incipio Technologies, Integrated Mobile Electronics)
  • K (Kicker)
  • M (mStation, Memorex, Monster Cable)
  • S (Skinit, Speck)
  • T (Targus)
  • V (VAF Research, Vaja)

Who Makes what for Zune

Although some licensees don't have products available yet, the list of those that have products on the market now is impressive:

Follow the links to discover a large and growing family of accessories for Zunes old and new.



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I can understand why the iPod initially became popular and why the media would report on it so often due to its popularity. But I feel the media's continued hype of this product is the sole reason it's still so popular today. And ever since info on the Zune got out I've had to hear about that as well.

Why does everyone only talk about these two mp3 players? I didn't think Microsoft and Apple were pioneers of portable audio entertainment systems. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought they were companies who were more associated with computer software development.

I picked up a great Sony mp3 player for a third of the cost of an iPod equivalent, plus it came with noise cancelling headphones and a built in FM reciever.

Was I supposed to buy an iPod or a Zune instead? Did I make the wrong purchasing decission or is it more to the point that consumers no longer even really think about what they are buying?

I think if you're really willing to shell out the cash for either of these products then you are a brainless tool.



i bought a cheap player it plays every format and is only a 1gig player it has its problems but it works and i can store items other then media on it i hear the ipod you can do this on as well but the zune wont let you store docs on it i find this a little sad there is a great chance to make a creat player but it seems to me no one is doing it other then the cheap little ones from the other side of the world.

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