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I have used the free edition and the eveal editions.
You will be given the full edition as a update on occasion. I reccomend that useres use it . It will revert to the free verson with no problems. when it runs out.
The free version has saved me on several occasions. The newbe will be suprized when checking the programs using the internet.
Blocking them is easy and complet.

Gameres will find that by setting the no notification to always will be able to play and still have the safty of a live connetion.
I reccomend it to ever one.
I work on computers as a side line and install it along with AVG on ever one I repair.
With the exception of Vista no major problems have been seen by my clients.

Herb Rogers
MT South Maintaince
Providing the Largest Impregnation Service in North America Maintaince Manger.
A Diversified Millwright can always complete the job on time and under budget.

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