YouTube Travels Back in Time to 1911 for April Fool's Day



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I think someone, somewhere will watch this--and believe--that Youtube really existed in 1911.

When I get time to watch it, I'll probably be laughing because someone, somewhere, is actually going to fall for it.Not because of the video itself.

ot: I just dealt with someone a few days ago, someone in his 70s that thought the Internet was "in"  their computer. The  place I work sells Clearwire service too, so I had to explain, in very simplified terms, what the Internet was and how to connect to it  and that it wasn't "in" his computer. It was way over his head, and the ~$1000 laptop he brought with him (he was DEFINITELY cheated out of his money probably by a Worst Buy salesperson) was suddenly of no use to him because he just got it and he didn't even know how to turn it off...seriously...He wanted to do the Skype chats with his kids and grandkids who are kind of far. I hope he gives it another chance, I just think he was just very frustrated and expected to know everything at once.

I feel sorry for people who are very computer illiterate. They're missing out.

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