World-First: Dell's Crystal Display, Reviewed!



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Keith E. Whisman

Perhaps it would have been better for Dell to have dressed up it's incredible 24" display instead. But what can I say. I'm not as dumb as Michael Dell.


jim lawrence

Well, having gamed since Colossal Cave days in the 70's on ARPA-Net MIT computers, right up to Crysis, I think I know a good gaming environment when I use one...

After countless computers, monitors, speakers and all kinds of other stuff over the years, I think my current setup is uber. A dell 2707 with 2 sets of Logitech Z5500 Digitals in parallel, a Turtle Beach surround headset for online chat, and a brand new gaming rig I built. Trust me, my friends swoon when they stop by. If you haven't tried the TB headphones for TF2, you haven't seen anything yet... No Crystal monitor can top that 2707. It is THE gamer's monitor IMHO (well at least for now).

Regards, Jim



"...a display that looks downright Mac-like in its creativity."

Mac just makes everything skinny and white like all its customers.

Also the review made me lol. $1200 dollars and it has nothing to show for it. And as if anyone that has $1200 dollars to spend on a bad monitor doesn't already have a sweet set of surround speakers. What is the point of those things?



Very Funny Comment!

There's no time like the future.

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