Wonder Mod Powers Unite, Form of Sportscar!

Wonder Mod Powers Unite, Form of Sportscar!

Next week I’m off to be with the Phoenicians at the Checker Auto 500. I’ll take pictures between beverages :). The upcoming event has my head swirling with a mod I’ve been trying to get off the shelf for a long time. It’s a 1968 Ford GTA inspired mod . Of course, it’s waiting in line behind Nautilus and Rocket Mod, but eventually, I’ll get there. Car inspired mods are one of those themes that just don’t seem to go out of style. Why? I guess because modding a computer system in the style of a car is much like actual hot-rodding. The bonus is that it’s much cheaper and won’t fill up the shop quite so fast. And, what can be better than racing on the information super highway (bet you thought that term was dead) at top speed in a rod inspired mod? Not much me thinks.

So, I figured this week, instead of linking you to the bling, I’d bring some to the blog itself. Not an extensive sampling – loads more on the interwebs! If you are a real auto buff, I saved the best for last – not a mod – but a rather rare photo of a very rare car. Maybe it’s a future modding theme?


MaximumPC's BMW Turbo inspired 2002 Dream Machine

A Chevy SS inspired Smooth Creations case for MaximumPC

Mopar inspired "Road Runner" system. Auctioned off in 2005.

ModShop Entries from Tech-daddy (left) and XcaliburFX (right). Yeah - it's a Deere.

1967 Vallelunga. 58 produced. Power by Ford, built by DeTomaso, Designed by Ghia. Image circa 1983




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