Windows XP SP3 Hits Tuesday - But It Could Hit You Back



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Windows x64 users don't get an update....they are already updated. Ergo, there shouldn't be a problem with any Home users 'upgrading' to SP3, I've been running x64 on two computers at home...only two left to make the move to 64-bit :).



This might be a little bit above the average user but to really see what will happen to my pc with the SP3 I just virtualized my system and then applied the service pack to the virtual machine. That way you test your system with the new service pack without "really" affecting your system.



I installed the beta of SP3 and whenever I used my ancient BT848-based TV tuner card (AverMedia TVFM98 with signed WDM drivers, I believe), my computer bluescreened.

On the other hand, I've been running it on my laptop for months without issue. Although there aren't really any new features that it adds, either (that I've noticed).

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