Windows Vista Tools - How Good Are They?



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Live Photo Gallery is a huge improvement over the original Photo Gallery especially with the new features of the photo import wizard which should have been part of Vista when it launched.

Codecs are still one of the biggest problems with Windows because it's not visible to the user. Any software can mes with your codecs and unless you're a power user who knows how to use GSPot or some other codec analysis tool you might not ever figure out what the problem is.
DVD Maker and Media Center would crash any time I would try to use a DivX or XviD file. It turns out that DivX still has problems with Vista (what are the DivX people waiting for?) so I un-installed it and installed FFDShow and now it doesn't crash. Movie Maker is still a little unstable with certain files though.




Thanks very much for suggesting tools and fixes for codec problems with DVD Maker and Media Center.

GSpot is available from for 32-bit Vista versions as well as 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP.
FFDShow, which supports playback of a wide range of video and audio formats, is available from

Microsoft should certainly make it easier to view installed codecs. With Windows Vista (and XP, with Media Player 11), you must open Windows Media Player, click Help, About WMP, and click the Technical Support Information link to view audio and video codecs, file filters and related information.
It's amazing how illogical a business built
on binary logic can be.

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