Windows Vista SP1 - Ready to Download (at Last!)



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Not sure what to think about SP1. No outright conflicts or problems (good). Performance seems unchanged (meh). You can now choose which drive(s) to defrag (good), but there's still no indication of defrag progress (bad). The "Search" function is also gone from the start menu, which is annoying for those like myself who do mostly "advanced" searches (bad).



blame cana-i mean, blame google!



The way Search works now is a bit different, but it isn't gone. Enter your search term into the Search window over the start button. If you see a "no items match your search", click Search Everywhere or Search the Internet. You can also run Search from Explorer windows.

The change in Search was made to make it easier for third-party search tools to integrate with SP1. Here's an MS Knowledge Base article on setting up third-party tools for Search:;en-us;Q941946
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



It seems to me that after I installed SP1 vista is not using as much system resources maybe its just me I don't know but other then that I have not noticed any other changes.

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