Windows Vista SP1 By the Numbers, Part 2



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...And one of the big improvements to Vista in general will be the next iteration of Windows.

"They [It] are a dying people [system], we should let them die". - Ambassador Kosh, Babylon 5

Anyone else noticing Google's very subtle 5 year plan? I would bet they're not going in the direction everyone thinks they are. Microsoft, Mac and Linux will have some new competition in a few years from an unexpected source.

There's no time like the future.



"Fortunuately, one of the big improvements in Windows Vista SP1 is support for hotpatching, which enables Windows components to be updated without rebooting."

It's about darn time that M$ figured out how to install updates without requiring a reboot! Nothing I hate more than waiting for my PC to reboot just because I installed an update.



I question why?


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