Windows Phone 7 Impressions: The First 24 Hours



Why the hell is it called the Windows Phone 7 and not the Windows 7 Phone? It's not as if calling it the Windows 7 Phone would make people expect Windows 7 more than the Windows Phone 7.



Iv'e had my Focus for a day now and it's awesome. I do wish there was an easier way to get files on the thing. Is there a way to copy say a Word doc from a desktop to your phone? I ended up emailing it to myself rather than spend any more time trying to figure out if this is possible with Zune Sync. IE is OK but the zoom could be better. There is only one zoom level I can see with a double tap which is a bit too small at times. You can pinch-zoom but the words do not wrap to compensate so what's the point? I want my Opera whose double tap works amazingly well on my old Fuze: )

I do love the app store, the speed of the devices, the screen on my focus. Still determining if battery life is going to cut it. Seems to be abou the same as my old Fuze. Netflix actually works over 3G and I was able to keep my unlimited data plan to plus there . For a 1.0 version you can't complain.


Viper Covakel

Can the phone be set to auto-sync over your home WiFi connection? Or does it have to be plugged into a computer?



After eight years of iTunes it's going to take some time to get used to the Zune software.  I've only played with it for about an hour but I'm far from comfortable with it.

(Using the Dell Venue Pro, BTW)



Since my Palm died, I've been looking for a phone with serious
PDA skills. Can Win Phone 7 hot-sync the 3500+ Outlook contacts
on my laptop?



i am still very interested in WP7.  it's possible this OS will end up converting a lot more than just the MPC staff.

anything to keep pushing this market forward.  After MS finishes fleshing it out, WP7 may end up being the Goldielocks of mobile OSes; slick like iOS but not as restrictive (/shakes fist at itunes).  and you get choices, like with Android, but in a more focused manner than the shotgun method the big G is offering.

than again, MS may bork this beyond belief and it could just suck monkey bawls for days.  time will tell!



Still not remotely interested in Windows phone 7.



You're not the only one. 

Android widgets do everything that Live tiles do and more...and they are not limited only to Microsoft apps. I dont get the appeal of this phone. And the reviewer is really ok with having fewer options? 

Its easy to make a phone "just work" when you take away all the options to do stuff. The whole point of a smartphone is to allow us to do lots of different things on our phones. 



Good for you

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