Windows Phone 7: The Day After


I've had my Samsung focus since the release date and I really like it. Yes, there are some flaws both in hardware and in omission of function in the OS (i.e. cut/paste). However, coming from an iPhone 3g that lacked even more when first released (i.e. Bluetooth headset support and cut/paste), I'm quite happy with it and am confident they will have updates that improve it further just like everyone else. Most of what I want in a smartphone is here and I don't have to use the crap software that is  iTunes or listen to that 'genious' Jobs tell me I'm holding my phone wrong.


Fecal Face

I'm hoping to get a WP7 come spring time when my current contract ends, but since I live in Manitoba, Rogers is the only carrier I can get a WP7 Phone with, and they only have one - the Samsung Focus (luckily, that's the one I want)

afaik, Bell and Telus are getting (or have) WP7 phones as well, but they don't offer smartphones (or they offer a very small choice of smartphones) in Manitoba + Saskatchewan... I wish I knew why.



Personally I haven't tried it.  I've heard the same as MaxPC and I've read Pogue's article on

From that it sounds a lot like the first iPhone.  I think I'll wait til the next version.



Whoops, we had a little formatting error there. My fault - this should work for Internet Explorer now.



Ok so we all know why it is much harder to debug an OS that is open to everything vs somthing like a phone which is just restricted to just a handfull of different hardwares. The phone was alot easyier to debug due to this. The phone is really unique plus the games already kick ass. So its only a matter of time before IOS people will start heading over to the phone due to games.




This article is broken for IE8. It appears to be a similar problem to what has come up in the past. There is a huge block of MS Word code that is in the source for this article.

See this forum post for other problems on the site.




Just fired up IE 9 to check, and when I clicked on the "Read More" link, the page comes up with not text or graphics.  The page renders OK wiht the side junk, but no article.  The page is OK in FireFox and Chrome.  Looked at the articles above and below this one in IE 9 with no problems.


Zachary K.

and thats why you don't use IE.

as for win mo fo 7, lets hope it gets better over time. if its decent at launch, it must be awesome after a few months.

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