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People have experienced a lot of Business Security issues with Windows Server. That's why I use avast software. Avast! Windows Home Server Edition is a collection of award winning, high-end technologies that work in perfect synergy, having one common goal: to protect your system and valuable data against computer viruses.



I am trying to find information on whether or not I can dual boot this product with my copy of Vista 64bit.


Also I was wondering if I could run this in a Virtual PC and have it running at the same time as Vista?



Microsoft is currently giving away free Windows Home Server 120 day evaluation DVD's,

up to 3 copies, free shipping at:



It's an endorsement. In fact it's more like an MS press release for the product. Bill Gates himself couldn't have written it better, it's so glowing.
Can we expect a 'real review' on this product any time soon?
We need to know the negatives as well as the positives if we are to make an informed choice.
Rock-solid software??? There is no such thing!!!
It would be interesting to see side by side comparisons against NAS boxes too, to see how exactly WHS 'blows them out of the water'.



Call it an endorsement if you want, they've done a really nice job with the software, for once. Aside from the data corruption issue, which I didn't experience and affects a relatively small number of applications, I don't know anyone who's unhappy with what they've done.

There are benchmarks in the next issue, when I review the HP Home Server box, and tested it against my homebrew server (an Athlon X2 4800, 2GB memory, and a boatload of hard drives) and the fastest NAS box we've ever tested. My homebrew server ended up faster than either of the other two devices, and the HP was slightly slower than the NAS box.

For the automated backups and other niceties though, I'll happily sacrifice a little speed.



WHS would have to support a Domain which I bet is stripped out. Roaming profiles only work in a server domain, not in a straight file server environment. Any one know if WHS supports a domain environment?
On a second note, roaming profiles also only work with XP Professional, not XP Home. Be prepared to pony up for XP upgrades.




There are loads of performance issues with WHS, including taking several minutes to pull up the console interface from a connected workstation and general poor performance on the server itself. All of this is made much worse when folder duplication is enabled. Buyer beware...



Microsoft just admitted that WHS is responsible for corruption of data with quite a few programs including a number of their own. Doesn't completely negate your review because WHS is still an excellent solution. Just bad timing.

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